SharInK: the system that allows you to organize the digital storage and sharing of documents


mySPIE: the system of semi-automatic Web spidering and semantic information extraction about a specific application domain

myNET2.0: You can equip your organization to social networking infrastructure, quite similar to the most popular Facebook and mySpace

myLearning2.0: is a package of products dedicated to the 360 ° world of online education
myVISIT: is a service of tourist promotion of geographical areas and resorts
BraInMail: in the era in which the user becomes an active part in the creation of shared knowledge and its evolution, the phenomenon is growing evidence of the technological gap (the "digital divide")
 M-DUST: sensor for the detection of particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5
VPeN: real-time water quality meter, for speditive water quality monitoring and control
WiFE: WiFi Energy monitor